Monday, August 31, 2009

Mobile Counselling services via The Grid

Today we've extended our mobile counselling service to the 800,000+ users on "The Grid" mobile social network platform (Thanks Nic Haralambous for stats update). This means that users on The Grid will be able to access our Drug Advice Support, Debt Counselling and HIV/AIDS counselling services. Users on the Grid have to import contacts and could add one of the following communities:

- Yahoo
- GTalk
- Icq

Once selected then users would be able to communicate with any of our advice support services. To import any of the above communities on the Grid the following steps should be taken:

1) Go to Online Friends
2) Select menu
3) On the menu select "My Friends"
4) Import Contacts
5) Select Menu -> Add Community
6) Select Community (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, Icq), Enter User name and Password
7) Select Import now

The user can add our Drug Advice Support(DAS), HIV Redchatzone and Debt Breaker contacts in any of the above communities to access our FREE services via The Grid.

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