Thursday, April 2, 2009

Debt Breaker

With the increase of consumers being over indebted and an estimated 60% of approximate 19 million who requires assistance in South Africa a new and innovative means are required to get consumers to the services of a Debt Counselor (DC).

Consumers are universally advised to negotiate reduced repayments with creditors. This generally proves to be very difficult. A debt counselor will be able to assist and be the mediator between you and your creditors. Over-Indebted consumers are often afraid to approach a DC, they don’t have courage to do it or even the fact that they are not aware of the remedies available in terms of our Law.

Debt Breaker is an innovative mobile service where a consumer (over indebted or who just requires advice and support) can add our debt breaker contact to MXit, Google Talk, AIM, Fring, Nimbuzz, Mig33 and many other chat applications. So now you are able to get in contact with someone who can support you with debt related issues remotely using a mobile phone or computer.

With Debt Breaker you will be able to get free advice with regard to debt related issues, over indebtedness will be explained with the remedy available in terms of the National Credit Act. Your conversation is confidential and anonymous allowing you to have the liberty to address the debt issues you, family or friend is experiencing.

An initial assessment will be done free of charge which means if the Debt Breaker subscriber intend to proceed with a debt counselor then the process time will be shortened. Debt Breaker Subscribers will be made aware of documentation that is needed upon first consultation. Debt Breaker would also be able to refer subscribers to registered debt counselors across South Africa.

How to add Debt Breaker to MXit:

Add Contacts
Choose Google Talk
Google ID: debtbreaker
Nickname: Debt Breaker
Accept Contact

On Google Talk and other chat applications just add our to your contacts.

This contact is available Monday and Wednesday between 4 and 7pm.

JJeRR Counseling and Consultants: 021 699 1453 for more info about Debt Counseling

More information about Debt Breaker will be coming soon...

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