Thursday, August 20, 2009

Debt Breaker partner with DRS Holdings

After months of providing hundreds of users advice on the topic of debt and financial freedom using mobile phones, Debt Breaker has signed a national contract in partnership with Debt Restructuring Services (DRS) Holdings. Debt Breaker and DRS Holdings will provide mobile debt counselling services to thousands of people all across South Africa making it the first of its kind in the world.


Anonymous said...

I used ”Credit Solution” to settle my debt and avoid bankruptcy. They managed to reduce my debt up to 58% and improve my credit score. It's legitimate . I came across this company on NBC News Special Edition. Check it out here:

Reagen Allen said...

In response to Sarah, Wow, that is indeed good news. However South African Credit Legislation provides for remedy called Debt Review in terms of the National Credit Act. Banks and companies are currently not amendable to consolidate debt in South Africa. Lets all stay GOOD - Get Out Of Debt. Regards