Friday, August 7, 2009

MXit response to Media

Over the past few days MXit was again in the media in connection with a young girl who went missing. Fortunately the young lady was found and back home safely. The response from MXit to its 14 million users can be found below:

"(1:42:02 PM) Info: NOTICE: MXit SAYS NO TO POOR JOURNALISM! We condemn the unprofessional and sensation seeking journalism displayed by e-TV and The Star newspaper this last week. Both news channels in some way blame MXit for the disappearance of the Parktown girl. E-TV ran this story Wednesday night, displaying a pornographic website on the backdrop - totally unacceptable as we will never promote pornography. The Star also ran articles that left readers with only MXit to blame. MXit is not responsible for the disappearance of this girl. We want to warn all users again to enjoy our technology with the necessary responsibility and level of maturity; and never to reveal personal information. We challenge both media owners to get these simple facts accurate, and to properly understand our technology. Can we trust what is reported?"

Please find our previous post about advice for parents and users with regard to use of MXit here


Anonymous said...

Women'sNet says: "Keep your Chats Exactly that!" - be safe and responsible cellphone users. Get more information on our campaign by contacting us

Marlon said...

Exciting campaign and I do agree with your comment