Sunday, April 5, 2009

Angel on MXit success story

After a long week of new developments and seeing what other technologies are available to be used for community empowerment, I got an add on FaceBook as a friend with a message that really made my evening (See picture above).

Message reads:
Hey the angel thing on mxit helpd my friend get out of an abusive relationship.just wanted to say thanx!

The Angel service on MXit is a first of its kind launched last year in conjunction with MXit Lifestyle PTY Ltd. This service provide its users free information on MXit relating to Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Depression, Abuse and Stress and Coping. After hearing how this service has helped someone from an abusive relationship makes this work just so much more special for us, knowing that we are empowering individuals and reconstructing lives.

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Gavin Marshall said...

Really great to hear these stories. Thanks for what you guys are doing ;)