Saturday, April 4, 2009

Reconstructed we salute you

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who has voted for The Reconstructed blog, you have truly made a huge impact on the lives of The Reconstructed Team. Just to be mentioned in the same breath with blogs such SARocks, Thought Leader (by Mail and Guardian), Moral Fibre and all the others is a humbling experience for us (see image above), taking in consideration that this blog is managed by young men and women who just over a year ago had very little to live for.

For many of them this highlighted that through using a simple medium such as blogging and engaging with others using social media that their lives will be changed and their voices will be heard again. They can leave a positive footprint and slowly begin to re-write (re-blog) their lives which for many is needed after a dark and cold past. To think that in this group 90% of its contributors have not completed school or formal education, had a past caught up in substance abuse, gang related activities and crime. This is just a breath of fresh air to see how their lives have been reconstructed and how they are now using what they've been taught and teaching others who has joined the Reconstructed Team.

To all the young men and women of the Reconstructed, I salute you for a job well done!! You've shown that change is possible and that there is always hope for those who believe that all is lost.

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Micheal Jordan said...

I thank all the contributors for their input because of your input being processed in others lives the output result is big more lives are being changed and Social Media is processing this change and bringing out a Cristal clear output on peoples display monitors of how change can enter into their lives

GOD Bless you