Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Technology to empower the Digital Citizen

Well today Brent and I arrived back from the Highway Africa and Digital Citizen Indaba 2008 conferences and we learnt so much. Highlights for us was seeing the empowerment of information dissemination coming back to the citizens. With delegates from all across Africa and the world is was encouraging to hear stories and meet our brothers and sisters from other parts of the world.

During the DCI we were introduced to Mobile reporting, podcasting, using technology as a digital citizen and were challenged to ensure that the stories that are being told is relevant to the communities who it is intended for. We also shared our project at the conference and appreciated all the good feedback and words of encouragement. Many thanks to Brent Williams for really doing such an excellent job sharing his testimony. It was incredible thinking that 18 months ago he would never have dreamt that he would be addressing many people in the media at such a level. Definitely something to celebrate and an encouragement to other young men and women who need their lives to be reconstructed.

Yesterday I also hosted a Micro-blogging workshop and how you can do it through MXit which saves you 80% on costs than doing it through your mobile web. Although I only expected 10 delegates attending, I was surprised to see 22 delegates at the workshop. It was good to see that many were excited to start micro-blogging. Well for me it was a wonderful opportunity to share with others and definitely planning to return to the next Highway Africa.

Special thanks to all the friends and colleagues who really made our time at the conference an unforgettable one.
You can download our presentation from the DCI 3.0 here


bb_aisha said...

Marlon, you and Brent are truly amazing individuals. And so polite-truly a pleasure. It was lovely meeting you & as Elvira said, your presentation was certainly one of the highlights.

Marlon said...

Hi Bibi

Thank you for your kind words and we really enjoyed being at DCI. More so we are so priviledged to have met individuals like yourself and we hope that this is only the beginning.

Elvira said...

Hi Marlon,
Thank you for blogging about DCI, its really cool to read what your experiences are.
See you,