Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feedback from Mobile Chat service

Just a quick update on the counselling using MXit. Yesterday was another good day because we had almost 40 conversations in our 2 hour time slot. We've received lots of good feedback in the conversations about how helpful this service is and we are hoping that it will make a difference in many lives. Some of the comments made in some conversations are listed below:

mxitchat1: "honestly ne. rite nw i smaak a hit our chat is cntrolng it"

mxitchat2: Yes it ws usefull 2 me,im gona follow ur hints
me: that is good,we really appreciate you
mxitchat2: Thnx 4 ur suport it will realy help me.

This is very encouraging to see as we know that people are being helped. We hope as this service grows that more lives will be changed and reconstructed.

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