Sunday, September 14, 2008

300 subscribers and more!!

This weekend we broke the 300 subscribers barrier and special thanks to the people at the Burger newspaper. 50 people joined after they've placed the article in their newspaper. Thank you for your support. Another milestone is that we've already broken the 600 conversations barrier and moving swiftly towards the 1000 conversation mark. Can you believe all those conversations that might not have taken place if this service was not available. Makes you wonder does'nt it? We are continuing to improve our counselling service and will be training more people this week to keep up with the requests. We are also planning to open up the service to the various high schools in the Western Cape area. Contact us if you want more information or want to support this service at +2721 637 4037.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marlin

Kudos to you for this project!!

I pray that God will bless it greatly and that you guys will make a difference in many South African's lives.

Well done (again)!!

Take care & God bless,

Marlon said...

Hi Francois

Thank you for the encouraging words. GOD Bless