Monday, September 22, 2008

Mom 2.0 launched

Today was the official launch of the Mom 2.0 project and what an incredible response. We expected to get a few (maybe 10 maximum) women to be present at the launch but instead we had more than 40 women from some of the local communities present who showed an interest in being part of Mom 2.0. This initiative coordinated by Impact Direct Ministries (IDM), a local NGO in the Athlone area, and Cape Peninsula Univesity of Technology (CPUT) is hoping to be the first of many such projects across Cape Town in order to engage more women/mothers to use technology for community empowerment.

The launch was opened by the Programme Director of IDM, Mrs. Jenny Petersen, who encouraged the women that this was the beginning of a new chapter in many of their lives. The chairperson of the Bridgetown Civic was also present to welcome this initiative into Bridgetown, Athlone and express their support of Mom 2.0. I then had the honour of giving a short presentation around Mom 2.0 and it was good to see the positive response from the ladies who were present.

We were also honoured to have the Cape Information Technology Initiative (CITI) represented at the launch with a keynote address by Viola Manuel, Executive Director. She emphasised that the giants the women are facing and going to face can be conquered. These obstacles of overcoming the giants of technologies will open the doors for many other opportunities.

At the end of the session we had 27 women who signed up for the Mom 2.0 initiative and there was a buzz of excitement around the room as women began to engage with the endless possibilities using technology. Although this arm of the Reconstruction project has no funding (as yet) we will continue with the initiative as a community united to empower one another with the technologies available to them. Well in closing we are all looking forward to see how this new venture will impact women not only in our communities but all across the world.
To get involved with this project please do not hesitate to contact (CPUT)/myself at +2721 469 1140 or the IDM office +2721 637 4037.

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