Saturday, July 4, 2009

Social Media is a great leveler

Over the past few weeks I have seen the power of Social Media and how it is a great leveler in a society where status and many other factors separates communities. Through our Reconstructed and Mom2.0 project we saw people embracing life through the use of Social Media where they share stories, give messages of hope and do not feel inadequate when connecting with people across the world.

Through the use of Social Media people who before might have felt disjoint from communities are now able to use this medium as a way to improve communication and writing skills, regain confidence and above all feel that they are part of a global conversation where their voices are heard irrespective of their background, status, race, culture or whatever else generally would bring about discrimination or separation. Social Media in my opinion is a great leveler and we are seeing the fruits of it in the conversations that are floating around and the real impact its having in the lives of people.

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