Thursday, March 5, 2009

Living Labs in South Africa (LLiSA)

The Official launch of the Living Labs network in South Africa was a huge success and many key stakeholders were present to witness this momentous ocasion. The launch took place 24 February 2009 and was hosted by Meraka Institute. The board of the network was established along with with its core focus:

A joint vision of South Africa as a “competitive and progressive 21st century nation". Through user-driven, open innovation initiatives the development of a new mindset of the South African society as equal custodians of the building blocks to all forms of access and inclusion.

We are participating in the global economy and want to be recognized internationally for the contribution we will make as co-creators of the Global Knowledge Society.

Athlone Living Lab (ALL) was also represented and we are looking forward to collaborations with many other organisations and Living Labs accross South Africa. Currently the Athlone Living Lab phase one is being sponsored by COFISA, CPUT and Impact Direct Ministries (IDM). Already we are looking at some new exciting innovations that will not impact our local community but also the rest of the South Africa.

You can read more about LLiSA here

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