Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tweetrepreneur: Emergence of the Twitter Entrepreneur

Seeing the advancement of micro-blogging and the expansive use of twitter it is no surprise that we see more twitter tools being developed supporting this phenomenon. Is it possible that people would be interested in what you're actually doing? At first this might sound insane but when you begin the journey of posting your first tweet, it is as if new doors open to express yourself, to stay in touch and to just listen what others are saying.

What struck me is that not only is Twitter used for social marketing, informing clients, social conversations but quite possible we could see the emergence of the Tweetrepreneur (Twitter Entrepreneur). Where this could lead to is yet to be seen as we explore possibilities of how this media could change the lives of people.

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Clinton Liederman said...

gryHey Marlon!

Im excited about exploring the possibilities of the use of Twitter. To add to that the tweetrepreneur is something that I am open to and I pray to God that he will give me a vision of how I can become a tweetrepreneur. Please pray for me also for this to happen.
Thank you and God bless