Thursday, November 6, 2008

DAS@MXit service floods network

Today was the day that I was hoping would not emerge as our resources ran to the bone. With thousands of requests coming through our DAS@MXit system crashed and we were unable to respond to any of our users. For most of the ladies and guys who were ready to support the thousands of people across SA it was a huge disappointment as the technology was not up to the task. The lesson for many of us today was the importance of infrastructure but also support is needed when setting up an advice and support lab. We're now rapidly moving into the second phase of this project where the systems that are being developed is of utmost importance. So it is back to the drawing board for now as we continue on this journey of reconstructing lives using technology.


johan said...

Hi Marlon. I am not sure how you use MXit as I have never used it.

With twitter we have a way to sms a request or a response but it doesn't have a sms back. So it's one way.

Let's assume we have the person in need and the giver of advice in front of the internet then we're ok. But that's a limitation.

How can we utilze chat on our phones? You wanted to do it with MXit but they fell over.

I am using I think it will do what you are doing but it has a lot of $$$ behind it.

You can use it to chat on your phone using gtalk and all of the others.

Let me know.

See you on Saturday.

JohanHorak at gmail dot com

Marlon said...

Hi Johan Thanks for the comment. Yes I'm quite familiar with Fring and have been using it personally. It's just that having conversations with almost 4000 ppl on Fring would be a nightmare:-) Thats y we developing our own interface which should help us manage the conversations better.

Looking forward seeing u this Sat. We're meeting at 10:30am at 80 Roeland Street, Cape Town. Will you be able to find your way till there?

Chat soon