Monday, November 24, 2008

Reconstructed Session: The Essence of Micro-Blogging

Saturday morning we had an interesting session at CPUT with Rafiq and Gerhard who shared the essence of micro-blogging with the Reconstructed team. Rafiq stated that the following should be considered when using Micro-blogging tools such as twitter: Focus, Consistence, Looking Outward, Look within and Conversation. His slide show is available here. After exposing the team to various twitter tools such as feedalizr it was clear that with a new outlook on how to use Micro-Blogging that the Reconstructed team will begin using this social media medium to reach out and share with as many as possible.

You can catch the the following of the Reconstruction team on twitter @Brent, @Craig, @Clinton, @Clive , @Jason, @Ricky, @Michael, @Monique, @Shameez ,@Jerod , @Gary and @Jerome

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