Friday, October 31, 2008

Reconstructed on News

After a very different day today started with a meeting with Dep of Social Development (collected letter of endorsement from Deputy Minister, DAS@MXit developers figured out the problem with the crash of server yesterday, I was welcomed with 2 interviews from local newspapers. However the day ended well with a wonderful article written by Alistair Fairweather from

Way behind or far ahead?31/10/2008 11:06 - (SA)

By: Alistair Fairweather

South Africa can be a frustrating place for us web geeks. Starved of both bandwidth and exposure to technology, our local audiences are generally two years behind the bleeding edge of Silicon Valley.

I'm not talking about the thin icing of early adopters - I'm talking about the massive cake of web users (and potential web users) for whom the Net is still largely about e-mail, chat and perhaps a little news and sport.

So while we're sipping our lattes and waxing lyrical about Twitter, OpenID and the semantic web, many South Africans are just discovering blogging for the first time.

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