Saturday, October 4, 2008

PR 2.0 blogging workshop

Today we had the honour having Ramon Thomas, CEO of NETucation, doing a blogging workshop with the Reconstruction Team. The workshop was entitled PR 2.0 blogging and focused on how you can get you blog in the mainstream media.

The talk was interactive and allowed the team to express themselves. Ramon also gave valuable tips on what can be done to get your blog read by the right people. He use a 3 point approach:

1) Message- You should have a vision and know what your message of your blog is. You have to read blogs before you can start writing. Start reading blogs in your area of interest and leave comments. Will get you use to the writing style.
2) Marketing - You should have a clear idea of how you going to market your blog.
3) Momentum - You need to maintain that passion for blogging.

It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet with other bloggers in and around Cape Town. We are hoping to have Mr Thomas return and do another talk with the team sharing his expertise and allowing us to use it to empower our citizens.

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