Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NetSquared South Africa Launch

Today was an exciting day because it was the launch of the South African NetSquared NetTuesday meetups. This exciting initiate was long over due in the South African Technology space where web and mobile are being remixed for social good. The meetup would be an opportunity where NGOs, community organisations, government, academia, industry and citizens could come together to see how collaborations would be possible in South Africa to bring about social change using technology.

The launch was hosted in Cape Town at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and a number of Meetup members were present at the launch. It was good to have a wide variety of stakeholders from industry, NGOs and academia present with exciting networking and collaborations emerging from the Meetup.

We also had special guest speaker Rob Allen with us who shared his experiences using technology in the Social Space and a Community Channels project which could prove to be useful. Overall its was certainly an exciting event with key issues raised being strong linkages between communities, NGOs and industry required. Other members that should be invited are funding institutions, government representation and key industry stakeholders who could contribute to landscape in technology for social good landscape.

A special word of thanks to all our sponsors CPUT, COFISA, NetSquared and RSAWeb for making this meetup possible. We are looking forward to our next meetup 4 August with details soon to follow.

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