Friday, January 9, 2009

Are you ready to Pooosh?

Well just when you think that you have got the range of mobile applications that's required to stay connected, a Pooosh comes along that helps saving money. So Pooosh was conceived 2 years ago and it combines all the main features of telephony, messaging, and mobile entertainment into one mobile software application. This is possibly the future of mobile applications where the user finds all they want in one destination. Not only will Pooosh give the user access to common features but also at a much cheaper rates than many of the service providers.

So as I'm getting more familiar with this technology and exploring it for Community Empowerment, lets hope that this technology will give citizens in need a "Pooosh" in the right direction.

1 comment:

stef said...

I agree - I have pooosh on my phone and love it! I save so much on airtime. I'm positive that pooosh can be used as a tool to empower communities!